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Our 2023 Speakers

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Ahmed ElSherbini

Global Strategy Marketing Leader
Eli Lilly and Company

Horacio Enriquez

Senior Director, Commercial Supply Chain

Jeannie Wong

Senior Director, Value Chain Team Lead, Pharma Strategy & Business Excellence
Bristol Myers Squibb

Arthur L. Edge III

Global Supply and Strategy Director

James Costa

(Assoc. Dir.) GMP Materials Management Lead
Spark Therapeutics

Carlos Jardim

Global Senior Manager of Customer Solutions and Excellence

Demetrice Tuttle

Senior Manager, CAR-T Global Supply Planning (Breyanzi)
Bristol Myers Squibb

Syed Jalal Rahman

Manager-Commercial Insights & Analytics for Rare Diseases
Novo Nordisk
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Exciting Agenda Highlights

Fuel your mind with captivating keynotes, engaging panels, and exclusive industry insights
Tech Revolution in Pharma Supply Chain

Explore cutting-edge technologies reshaping pharmaceutical supply chains for enhanced efficiency and precision.

Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions

Gain insights and strategies from industry leaders on overcoming disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Serialization Workshop: Next-Gen Track and Trace

Hands-on experience implementing advanced serialization solutions to enhance product integrity and security.

Blockchain for Secure Pharma Transactions

Discover how block chain technology ensures secure transactions and transparency in pharmaceutical supply chains.

AR and VR Showcase for Supply Chain

Experience live demonstrations of augmented reality and virtual reality applications optimizing supply chain processes.

Quantum Computing: Supply Chain Impact

Dive into the transformative role of quantum computing in optimizing pharmaceutical supply chain operations.

Circular Economy in Pharma Chain

Explore sustainable initiatives reducing waste and promoting environmental stewardship in pharmaceutical supply chains.

Precision Medicine Distribution

Discuss strategies for customizing distribution channels to meet the unique needs of individual patients in precision medicine.

Space Logistics: Future Transport

Explore the frontier of space logistics and its potential to revolutionize pharmaceutical transport beyond Earth.

Supply Chain Gamification Workshop

Learn innovative strategies for engaging employees and partners to drive optimal performance and collaboration in pharmaceutical supply chains.

An excellent event in a relatively intimate environment with high caliber content!

CEO and Founder

The Wolf Practice

Thank you for putting on an amazing event. Appreciate the insights from all the speakers and the engagement from the participants. Great discussion and engaging conversations.

Chief Technology Officer & EVP


It has been an amazing time. It has been a whole lot of learning experience for me.

Eu Supply Chain Manager

Vx Customer Service, GSK

I had an incredible experience attending the event. The event was well-organized, and what I appreciate the most was the chance to engage in meaningful conversations and share experiences.



I had a wonderful and amazing experience at the event. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with numerous friends, potential customers, and partners. Thoroughly enjoyed the event and found it incredibly beneficial.


Murata ID Solutions

We have been happy with your organization of the event, the promotional activities you launched in preparation of it and the attention you paid towards participants during the event!

Managing Director


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Industry Blogs

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How Counterfeit Medicines Penetrate the Legitimate Supply Chain

Counterfeit medications are becoming a bigger concern to public health around.....

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Pharma Supply Chain
Pharma Supply Chain & the Role of AR/VR Integration

The pharmaceutical supply chain refers to the complex network involved in the manufacture, distribution, and delivery..

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Pharma Supply Chain
The Crucial Role of Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical products is critical in the complex ecosystem of the pharmaceutical...


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