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The Evolution of Digital Health

Digital health innovation is at the forefront of healthcare evolution, fusing technology and healthcare to transform patient..

Pharma Supply Chain & the Role of AR/VR Integration

The pharmaceutical supply chain refers to the complex network involved in the manufacture, distribution, and delivery..

HMI Technology & the Automotive Industry

The way that drivers engage with their automobiles is being redefined by human-machine interface (HMI) technology...

The Impact of Wearables on Medical Research

Welcome to the fascinating world of Clinical Trials Innovation, where technology and medicine collide to determine healthcare's...

The Crucial Role of Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical products is critical in the complex ecosystem of the pharmaceutical...

AI and Machine Learning in Connected Car Systems

With the introduction of AI and machine learning in connected car systems, the automotive industry is going through...

Cybersecurity Challenges in Connected Cars

Although connected automobiles have the potential to completely change the way we travel, they also pose new cyber...

Nanotechnology in Pharma Packaging: Advancements and Future Perspectives

Nanotechnology has emerged as a game-changing field with enormous promise to transform a variety of industries,...

Biologics: The Future of Medicine

Over the years, the practice of medicine has seen amazing changes, and one field that has gained ground is biologics...

USA Pharma Supply Chain Innovation Conference 2023

In October on the 19th & 20th, World BI's highly anticipated Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics conference took centre stage...

Empowering Brands with Blockchain For IP

Prepare to enter a world where technology and innovation collide, altering the landscape of intellectual property...

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health: Transforming Healthcare Delivery

With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years, the healthcare business....

The Power of Blockchain Technology

Protecting a brand's integrity has been harder than ever in today's linked and digital environment. For businesses,...

V2X Technology in Connected Cars

Connectivity is key in the continually changing automobile industry of today. The technology known as....

Impact of OTA on Connected Cars

The automotive environment is no exception in a world where innovation is driving the destiny of industry...

Globalization of Trials in Clinical Research

The globalization of clinical trials has become a common trend in today's linked society. As a result of this change...

Environmental Safety in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential to the development of medical knowledge and the dissemination of novel therapies to patients...

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Integration

In a world where electric cars (EVs) are rapidly being embraced as a greener alternative to traditional autos, the notion...

Advancements in Gene and Cell Therapies

Gene and cell treatments have recently come to light as ground-breaking medical techniques that provide patients...

Autonomous Driving in Connected Cars

The incorporation of autonomous driving technologies into connected automobiles has been a subject of innovation and debate in today's fast...

The Impact of Smart Infotainment Systems

Our automobiles are experiencing a technological revolution in today's fast-paced world, where connectivity and convenience...

European Brand Protection Congress 2023

World BI’s European Brand Protection Congress held on the 9th-10th October 2023, was a monumental event that left its mark on,...

Cyber Threats in Pharma Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical industry has advanced significantly in recent years, altering the process of developing, manufacturing,...

Cold Chain Packaging

Keeping medications safe and effective from the maker to the patient is crucial in the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals...

Natural Products in Drug Discovery

In the quest for novel therapeutics, natural products have played a significant role in drug discovery....

Clinical Trial Supply in a Global Setting

Clinical trials are critical in furthering medical research and introducing new therapies to patients throughout the world...

Drug Discovery and Genomics

With the introduction of genomics, the field of drug discovery has experienced a dramatic revolution...

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In the pharmaceutical industry, a robust supply chain is of paramount importance to ensure the availability, safety, and timely delivery...

Brand Protection in the Digital Age

In today's digital age, brands face numerous challenges in protecting their intellectual property and maintaining their reputation.

Ethics and Privacy in Digital Health

In recent years, the field of digital health has grown dramatically, leveraging technological developments to transform.....

Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical trials are essential to the advancement of medical research and the enhancement of patient care.....

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management

Effective clinical trial supply chain management is essential for performing successful and meaningful medical research.....

Drug Repurposing

Drug repurposing and drug discovery are two potent strategies that promote innovation and improve patient care in the field of pharma....

Personalized Medicine

The ideas of drug discovery and customized treatment are going through a significant transition in the dynamic world of healthcare.

Art of Drug Discovery

Drug development is a complex and varied process at the heart of modern medicine. It entails the discovery....

Artificial Intelligence

With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years, the healthcare business....

Digital Health Innovation

Digital health innovation has had a significant impact on the healthcare sector which has undergone....

Trademark Protection

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.

NFT Protection

With the advent of NFTs, it has become increasingly important to protect your brand against duplication and theft.


With dwindling budgets, hospitals are struggling to find resources to employ more staff and have space for more consultation rooms.

Digital Health

The healthcare industry is currently under mass renovation in all fields. The world is transforming to technology-based solutions and healthcare is....

Track and Trace Systems

Track and trace systems have been one of the most influential integrations into the logistics of pharma supply during this emergence of new technological solutions.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging is a new type of packaging with the bold or not-so-bold claim of being the solution to the industries problems.

7th Brand Protection Congress 2022

By November, the sales percentage of passenger can and light commercial vehicles had outnumbered by 36.7% from last year.

Automotive Vehicles

By November, the sales percentage of passenger can and light commercial vehicles had outnumbered by 36.7% from last year.

Human Immune Cells

Pharmacists are adopting the method of using human immune cells to treat major diseases. Previously, animal and plant cells were used for this purpose.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Global Market

It is estimated that the pharmaceutical logistics market around the world will jump up to 98.32 billion US Dollars.

Digital Health Sphere

Modern Technology brings out so many innovations with the passing days. It not only facilitates but also has taken the place of previously used methods.

Supply Chain Control Tower

As the world is advancing and the population is increasing, the need for medicines and pharma products has increased.

Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

According to a recent update, a study is conducted at the Center for Physiology and Pharmacology of the Medical University Of Vienna under the supervision of Dr.Harald Sitte.

Aptar Pharma Collaboration

Aptar Pharma, an international leader in the delivery of drugs and active materials science solutions and services has recently announced its partnership with TFF Pharmaceuticals.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the latest and most advanced technologies of the modern age. Blockchain technology includes a collection of the distributed database in the computer network.

Revolution in Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries of any country, as the economic condition of any country is highly dependent on it.

Human Machine Interface Technology

New-age technology has introduced so many amazing innovations that never miss to facilitate us, but this Human Machine Interface Technology has broken all the records.

17th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022

This year, the 17th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme (DDIP) took place on October 05-06 at Hilton Munich Airport, Germany.

COVID-19 Vaccines

According to a mathematical modelling analysis, the COVID-19 vaccine avoided about 20 million fatalities worldwide in the first year

Scancell's Clinical Trial

Scancell, a cancer and infectious disease treatment company, has announced that the first patient in its multicentre Modi-1 clinical trial (ModiFY)

COVID-19 Vaccine

The companies' shared goal was to help vulnerable areas by giving out immunizations.

COPD flare-ups

According to research conducted by the University of California San Francisco and funded by the US National Institutes of Health

Milestone Inhibitor

Jazz and Redx have reached an agreement on a milestone inhibitor

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease

A discovery in understanding Alzheimer's disease has revealed changes to blood vessels in the brain

Development of new drugs

SMC, a pharmaceutical and medical device company, has announced the launch of Cambridge Pharma

Presence of pharmaceuticals

According to the study, the Blue River in Tunis has one of the highest pharmaceutical concentrations.

Diabetic Medication

Mounjaro is a once-weekly glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist that comes in a single molecule.

19th Clinical Trials Innovation

The forthcoming 19th Clinical Trials Innovation Program is a promising conference brought to you by World BI.

17th Drug Discovery Innovation

The upcoming 17th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme is a promising conference held by World BI

Administration of the pharmaceutical wholesalers

The Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group has 14 locations across the United Kingdom.

Indian pharmaceutical company

India-based Piramal Pharma Solutions plans to create up to 50 new jobs by making antibody drugs under contract

Pharma Supply Chain

This year's Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme, held in the Courtyard Marriott by Basel, Switzerland

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Integrated into the Pharma Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

FDA Approved Lilly's Mounjaro

Mounjaro is a once-weekly glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1)