The diligent team of World BI organized the 7th Brand Protection Congress (BPC). This two-day event was one of the golden opportunities for gaining valuable insights into Brand Protection and improving the way you can rapidly grow your business. In addition, the most challenging problems related to brand security were also effectively discussed with their solutions. This conference was a valuable platform for all attendants to achieve a fantastic networking experience. Furthermore, as this great conference included VPs, Global Heads, Directors, and Managers related to the industry, it was a golden opportunity for attendees to learn and seek help with their greater concerns. There's a lot more to it! So, keep reading to know all about BPC 2022 and find out how it became one of the best successful events on brand protection.

First of all, let's have a look at the broad subjects of discussion. Afterward, we will move forward to apprise you about the achievements of this transcendent Brand Protection Conference.

Conference Spotlights

7th BPC 2022 - Areas of Discussion

The conference was very advantageous for all attendees as it discussed all the concerns of brand holders and the strategies that can be used to resolve their issues and get them right on the path to the success of their brands. More than 20 effective presentations were delivered at that conference to elucidate how we can develop a secure brand by not letting copycats cheat the intuitiveness and originality of your brand. Plus, the implementation of artificial intelligence to boost the marketing of the brand was also discussed.

To be very precise, from minor to any major concern that was somehow related to the security of brands was discussed in that conference.

The main areas on which the panel discussion was held are as follows:

  • Brand Protection in an Online World
  • Noval Solutions for Brand Protection
  • Global Strategies with a Focus on the Middle East
  • Leveraging Data for More Proactive Brand Protection
  • Building Up Effective IP Protection for a Multinational Efficiently
  • Threats for Business That Comes from Terrorist Organizations
  • IT Security Risks & the Association with the Brands
  • Fighting Against Counterfeits & Pirated Products

Following were the key speakers of the event, who were the real legends behind the huge success of this event: Abier Wasouf, Felix Avellan, Bharat Kapoor, Dale Jacobs, David Howarth, Jan de Visser, Luna Zhang, Wilfrid Roge, David Saussinan, Dr. Ilin Savov, Manuel Prieto Hervas, Marion Moutrille, Paulina Bustos, Christine Maury Panis.

Influential Outcomes of the Event

This event was a perfect solution for those facing any kind of challenge regarding brand security or growth. Moreover, It also helped every participant to understand the dire need for brand protection and to identify the red flags to avoid any kind of counterfeiting by the honorable guest speakers' presentations.

This productive conference unlocked many future opportunities for the development of brands as everything was beautifully explained and taught by the speakers. It was not like a random conference where you just sit and listen to the speaker; rather, it was such an interactive communication program that anyone could ask anything regarding his concern.

Additionally, it was not only based on just presentations and panel discussions, but it also came up with case studies and first-hand experience of speakers. It was informative that anyone can implement those things to resolve issues and secure brand protectivity. Furthermore, future branding risks and threats were spotlighted with potential solutions. This factor added more value to the credibility of this program.

Sponsors of this Advantegous Event

This event was one of the best-accomplished events of the year due to its exceptional qualities. Interactive talks, case studies, demos, featured sessions, and healthy debates with industry experts and entrepreneurs were the ingredients that made it perfect on its own. Moreover, this event paved the path for attendees to connect with well-experienced professionals and pioneers of brands. So while talking about the achievements of this great event, we can’t ignore the efforts of the sponsors of this event who were the core agents behind the success and management of this event.

The names of respectful sponsors of this event are as follows: SafeNames, Kangxin Partners, Scanify GmbH, Authentix, NAVEE, SCRIBOS - a KURZ company, Digimarc, EDGYN, Nameshield, Quantum Base Limited, Securikett, ApiraSol GmbH, Opsec Security, Countercheck GmbH, Techno Secure Print, Ministry of Health Malaysia, SCANTRUST, IP Twins, MOZAIQ Switzerland, Clarivate, Fieldfisher, JPATTON

We are grateful to all sponsors who made it possible for us to organize this amazing event. Looking forward to many more successful collaborations.