Aptar Pharma Collaboration with TFF Pharmaceuticals For Introducing An Intranasal Unidose Powder Nasal Spray

Aptar Pharma, an international leader in the delivery of drugs and active materials science solutions and services has recently announced its partnership with TFF Pharmaceuticals to introduce a new kind of nasal spray.

TFF Pharmaceuticals Incorporation is one of the best clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies that develops and commercializes innovative drug products with its patented Thin Film Freezing Technology.

This partnership is aimed to develop an Intranasal Unidose Nasal Spray System by using Aptar Pharma’s dry powdered vaccines accompanied by the Thin Film Freezing Technology of TFF’s Pharmaceuticals.

An Alternative Route Of Vaccination Has Left All Amazed

Before going to hear this latest update from the pharma packaging and labelling industry, we all are well aware of the process of vaccination. Typically, vaccination is carried out either intramuscularly or subcutaneously in the human body.

This innovation introduced that now one can self-vaccinate by using this super amazing drug product that contains vaccinated powder in a nasal spray packaging that allows a person to vaccinate himself by an intranasal vaccination process.

How This Needle-Free Vaccination Will Work?

This nasal spray includes vaccinated dry powder that is filled in a ready-to-use device by thin Film Freezing Technology. This is a super easy way of vaccination by which one can inhale the spray just like any ordinary nasal spray is used. By just spraying, one can vaccinate.

This needle-free vaccination has diminished the demand for intramuscular or subcutaneous vaccines as they are a bit more complex way of vaccination as compared to this amazing vaccine.

Potential Advantages Of Intranasal Vaccination Over Subcutaneous Or Intramuscular Vaccination

This new amazing technique of vaccination is super beneficial for mankind. The top benefit that it gives is the elimination of all pathogens from the nasal pathway which lessens the chances of any infection or virus as this vaccine kills all the pathogens and cleans the air pathway of the human body.

Secondly, this vaccination ensures systemic and mucosal immunity by direct immunization of nasal mucosa. In addition to this, it also lessens the chances of any disease transmission in humans.

Moreover, this intranasal vaccination mechanism works best without using any kind of injection and also saves time of a person and one can easily vaccinate himself by just using this Unidose Nasal Spray.

Comments Of Dr. Julie D. Suman, Vice President Of Scientific Affairs at Aptar Pharma

This innovation combines drug development, device engineering, and formulation technologies to make its mark in the land of pharmaceutical packaging.

Dr.Julie D. Suman commented that he’s very proudly announcing that they have combined the antigen and adjuvant into one ready-to-use device that will be super beneficial for any type of person who is willing to vaccinate himself.

He further said that this newly launched vaccination will eliminate the need for combining separate vials and will also potentially save time and reduce human error and medical waste.

Statement Of President & CEO Of TFF Pharmaceuticals

Glenn Mattes, President & CEO of TFF Pharmaceuticals declared that he is very delighted to announce that he is going to launch a marvelous invention by collaborating with Aptar Pharma. He also said that this invention is going to be a glorious combination of a nasal spray device with his Thin film Freezing technology.

Moreover, he claimed that he assures that this new product will have the potential to create ground-breaking advancements in the process of drug delivery. Plus, he also called this innovation a true game-changer for all people around the globe.

Lastly, the summarization of the results of this Intramuscular Vaccine has been published in a pre-print publication. This further provides a deep analysis of this new innovation.

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