Cambridge Pharma promises to speed up the development of new drugs

SMC, a pharmaceutical and medical device company, has announced the launch of Cambridge Pharma, a new company that will provide pharmaceutical development services.

A purpose-built sterile fill-finish facility, a process development laboratory, and an analytical laboratory are among the features of the new 20,000 sq ft facility, which is situated at the Cambridge Research Park.

The study took water samples from over 1,000 test sites in over 100 countries. In total, more than a quarter of the 258 rivers tested had "active pharmaceutical ingredients" present at levels that were deemed harmful to aquatic organisms. "Typically, we take these chemicals, they have some intended impact on us, and then they leave our bodies," said Dr. John Wilkinson, the study's lead author.

One of the innovative services is a sterile fill-finish facility, which is designed to meet current regulatory standards. It features cutting-edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as two clean rooms. In addition, each clean room has isolators and fill finishing equipment to support batch sizes ranging from 100 to 15,000 units in vials, cartridges, and syringes.

Cambridge Pharma's industrialisation engineers can develop a process for clinical trials in phases 1 to 3, including process development and filling of viscous formulations, suspensions, and gels, from a client's laboratory-scale formulation. In the meantime, non-standard primary drug containers can be facilitated, as well as contain closure integrity tests and associated equipment.

SMC Group's owner and CEO, Chetan Patel, has a strategic vision for the company: "We value our pharmaceutical partnerships and will continue to expand our growth, production, and analytical testing services to aid in the development of new drugs. As part of our continued focus, growth, and commitment to pharmaceutical products and services, we are pleased to introduce 'Cambridge Pharma.'"

Cambridge Pharma's CEO, Barbara Lead, added: "I am extremely proud of our new facilities, as well as our team's experience and expertise. We have experience with difficult-to-fill formulations and can provide a variety of pharmaceutical development services. For clinical trial supplies, which are always on the critical path to market, we aspire to provide high-quality customer service."

Cambridge Pharma's commercial director, Tim Holden, sums it up: "Our main goal is to meet the tight deadlines that pharmaceutical clients face when ordering supplies for clinical trials. As we specialise in this service, we can reduce development timelines and save money for our customers. We are extremely proud of our new facility's environmentally friendly features, which means we can also assist pharma and biotech companies in meeting their sustainability goals."

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