Exclusive Interview of Agilathon

Interview Questions Clinical Trials Innovation Programme

To get things started, tell us something about you/your organisation?

Agilathon has over 15 years of experience delivering over 1,000 clinical studies for the largest pharmaceutical companies. Our success collaborating with these clients -- to bridge the divide between the science and technology -- has continued to increase to the point where we are among the world’s experts in DCT / eCOA.

Our DNA is as digital transformation consultants.

How does Agilathon respond to time sensitive needs using a short cycle development style to produce dependable, consistent ePRO solutions?

Our secret sauce is actually not really a secret. Complex trials have many things in common, but it takes a lot of experience to find the shortcuts, gauge the amount of time necessary to create each step and prioritize the work to meet the all-important first patient in. To answer the question of how we handle time sensitive requests to get quality, on-time outcomes, we have both the capacity for study delivery by a team hundreds-strong and the expertise gained from having delivered over 1,000 studies across nearly every therapeutic area.

What role does Agilathon play in the development of clinical trials in the patient-centered Life Sciences market?

Agilathon provides professional services to design, build and implement ECOA and DCT solutions to meet the unique needs of clinical protocols to maximize patient engagement. We are 100% focused on assuring on-time quality system implementations for our clients leveraging our experience of over 1,000 trials. With the increasing complexity of clinical trials and use of technology, we bring scale and expertise to the effective building of site and patient facing technology to reduce friction and increase speed.

What are five reasons why companies choose you as a Partner?

Agilathon brings a decade of experience in the design, building, and testing of clinical technologies to support direct patient outcomes from over 1,000 clinical trials. Our client partnerships go beyond transactional technical implementations. We provide dedicated Project Management resources to focus on process improvement programs to continually drive efficiency and quality in the clinical trial set up process. Our clients leverage our best practice methodologies to define standards and improve outcomes.

Our global teams align with the location client teams improving communications and reducing delays. We think global and implement local to provide support where and when it is needed most. We have a diverse talent pool grounded in engineering with specialties in design, programming, testing and project management. Our flexible engagement models enable our clients to scale according to their business needs whether for a single trial, specific skill set or support of a full asset. Agilathon works with our clients to understand their long-term objectives whether to build in-house capabilities, fully outsource or anything in between. We then define the path to support our clients in meeting their strategic objectives following a structured process with agreed metrics and measures. Our goal is to support our clients in the continued innovation of clinical trials through technology adoption.

In what outcomes do you think the 20th Clinical Trials Innovation Programme will help Agilathon?

The 20th Clinical Trials Programme has curated attendees and topics designed to drive meaningful conversations regarding the innovation of clinical trials. Agilathon understands the frustrations and challenges of Pharma in the selection and configuration of multiple clinical technologies. We are excited to share a new paradigm with clients to engage trusted technology partners earlier in the development of Clinical Protocols. Starting with the end in mind will alleviate friction in the design of clinical technologies to truly enable quality data collection and enable a patient-focused workflow to reduce friction between stakeholders and increase the speed to market of life changing therapies.

Agilathon is excited to initiate this important conversation and look forward to connecting with industry leaders to further this paradigm shift.