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Emily Lewis

Global Digital Business Transformation Lead


Emily Kunka is a Digital Transformation Project Lead at UCB, based in San Francisco, CA. In her role, Emily leads projects that help solve some of the most interesting, innovative, and pressing issues which must be addressed to deliver the promising future of digitally transformed healthcare through high-quality digital products and solutions.

Joining the organization in 2020, and utilizing her deep knowledge of digital design, strategy, and product and project management, Emily is a leader, influencer, and change agent within UCB. Emily translates patient and caregiver needs into an achievable digital vision and roadmap that will improve patient experiences and outcomes by bringing transformational projects to life.

Prior to UCB she worked at Science 37, at the forefront of virtualizing trial design and democratizing trial access by putting patients first. As a thought leader in the Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) and hybrid trial models, she designed and implemented trials which could be conducted within the patient’s home using telemedicine and in-home nursing. Emily wholeheartedly believes that the future of healthcare delivery will no longer be confined to the four walls of a doctor’s office and is convinced that emerging technologies, real world data, and connected health can (and will) provide insights that will allow us to better predict, diagnose, and manage diseases, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Emily received a Master of Science in Clinical Research from Northwestern University but considers herself a lifelong learner. Her specific interests include human-centered design, in silico medicine (particularly implementing AI using digital twins), immersive learning experiences like augmented reality and virtual reality, domotics, and the internet of things. Emily Kunka, MS Digital Transformation Project Lead UCB